MVC CPA Program - Mountain View College is the only community college in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex that has been authorized by the TSBPA to offer upper division accounting courses as well as ethics, research, business communications and related business courses that satisfy the minimum education requirements for CPA exam eligibility in Texas.


TSBPA Approved Courses offered at MVC

Which Courses Should I take?

Courses offered at other DCCCD Campuses - None of the accounting courses offered at other DCCCD campuses have been approved by the TSBPA. The non-accounting business courses at other DCCCD campuses have also not been approved by the TSBPA with the exception of Principles of Macro Economics, Principles of Micro Economics and statistics courses. Those exceptions can be taken at any community college or university.


Click to Apply - MVC is an open enrollment institution. Any student who has a Bachelor's Degree (any subject) and has been admitted to the college may take courses in the CPA program. Completion of the application process does not guarantee a spot in any specific course but it will allow the student to register for any open and available CPA course. There is not a separate application procedure for the CPA program beyond the application process required to become a student at MVC. Please disregard any references to deadlines or special applications listed on other websites or from DCCCD employees who do not directly work with the CPA program. The TSBPA will NOT give a student credit towards CPA exam eligibility for any course taken at MVC BEFORE completion of a bachelor's degree. The exceptions to this rule are economics and statistics courses.



Register for Courses

Course Schedule

Taking an Online Course at MVC: Go to Blackboard/eCampus on the first day of the semester to begin your online course.

What if all courses for the upcoming semester are full? - The courses in the MVC CPA Program are in high demand and will usually reach the maximum number of allowed students soon after registration begins. No additional students can be added to a course that has reached maximum student capacity. Do not contact a course instructor or staff member asking to be added to a course that has reached maximum student capacity.  No additional courses or sections will be added after registration begins. There is not a waitlist nor is there a notification process for when a current student drops opening up a spot for another student. It is rare but sometimes a student will drop before the semester begins so regularly checking the registration system is the only way to discover new registration opportunities. 



MVC Campus Map

Contact Information

Phone: 214.860.8848, 214.860.8716 


Mountain View College

CATE Division - Room W-210
4849 W. Illinois Ave.
Dallas, TX 75211

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